Purchasing one of their packages and working with Elizabeth & her mom, Jeanie, at Studio Allegory has been such a pleasure. I have been slowly implementing many of the things that they suggested in my design plan. Not being gifted with a very strong home decorating gene, I really needed some help making a few changes, as well as putting finishing touches on my new home in Round Rock. Their innovative approach makes things so easy. I love the mood and style boards that they put together for my home; I am amazed at how they truly capture & reflect my personal tastes (some of which I had never really thought about until I took their fun little questionnaire to get started). My favorite thing about the plan I purchased was being given the design for each room, along with an accompanying list of items that includes web links to each specific suggestion Рlike paint, wall hangings, furniture, fabric, accent pillows, rugs, mirrors, lamps, etc. This has made it so easy to go and purchase their specific suggestions. Elizabeth and Jeanie will make absolutely sure that you are more than satisfied with their design plan for you. I still email them with a question or 2 every now and then. I always get a quick reply with helpful information. 
Courtney F.