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Who We Are

Studio Allegory is the mother/daughter/niece team of Jeanie Escalona, Elizabeth Escalona O’Brien and Lauren Cordova. We are best friends, collaborators, and business partners based in Austin, Texas – although our services are available worldwide thanks to the wonders of the internet! Elizabeth is an artist and designer with a degree in Studio Art from The University of Texas at Austin and a certificate in Interior Design from the New York School of Art and Design, along with a passion for interior design and fashion that goes back to childhood. Jeanie also shares a life long love of design and a creative eye, and holds a Masters in Accounting from the University of Texas. Lauren is an artist, nurturer, organizer, fashionista and social media expert. We collaborate on all of our decorating projects because we each have different strengths that we bring to the table, plus it’s just more fun that way! You get the benefit of three creative minds coming together on your project.

What We Do 

We are passionate about good design and feel it should be accessible to everyone. We wanted to devise a system to guide you, whether you’re design savvy or not, through the process of creating a beautiful and stylish interior or a genuinely flattering wardrobe that are a creative extension of your personality – making you feel comfortable, authentic and stylish.

That’s why we focus on creating an easy to follow visual plan. You get to see the process from inspiration all the way to the specific pieces that come together to paint an accurate picture of you; and the plan is delivered digitally so you can take it with you on any device! If you need help implementing the plan, we can do that too. We make it so easy to take your home or your wardrobe to the next level.

We offer services from paint consultation, space planning and furniture and accessories sourcing to styling sessions, outfit planning, personal shopping and capsule creation. We can start from scratch,  just update what you already have, or do anything in between.

Studio Allegory. Design for your life.

P.S. We chose the name Studio Allegory because an allegory is the embodiment of an idea in visual form, and this is at the essence of what we love to do –  turn the abstract personality of our clients into a visual reality!


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